Program Structure

Our pre-k programs are structured in monthly sessions and occur once a week for 4 weeks. Each session is 2 hours long and consists of indoor and outdoor time. We maintain a small class size of 8 seats to maximize a child-centered experience.  We use an inquiry-based child-centered approach that is designed and facilitated by a master teacher. We also have Master Naturalist that provide expert support.

Program Rhythm 

We typically start each session with open-play. This allows everyone to adjust to a group dynamic. During this time we also offer a a healthy morning snack and coffee because know nourishment is essential to learning and caregiving. Then we gather together for a story which will introduce our topic of learning for that day. Next, we take a group nature walk outside to expand on our topic. Lastly, participants are given process art time to create a piece of art that relates our topic. 

Program Environment

Our outdoor space is a natural setting where we encourage exploration.  We invite participants to engage in the natural environment as well as staged loose-parts activities. Our loose parts are sourced from natural or recycled materials. For process art time, we use high-quality nontoxic supplies and integrate recycled materials. When we engage in process art, participants are truly considered artists and their art is referred to as “art pieces” or “work”. 

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